MZ North America is the US division of MZ Group, a global leader in investor relations and corporate communications.

MZ North America is the US division of MZ Group, a global leader in investor relations and corporate communications. We provide innovative, customized services to domestic and multinational private and public companies through a unique, fully-integrated “one-stop-shop” business model. By delivering a comprehensive suite of products and services through one point of contact, MZ offers services to all relevant markets geared to helping our clients build a sustainable public brand.

We ensure that our clients are effective communicators who correctly set and manage investor expectations. We act as a premier informational resource for institutional investors, brokers, analysts and private investors, which enables us to help diversify our clients’ shareholder base. All clients have access to a comprehensive platform that includes a broad selection of integrated corporate communication services, customized investor relations technologies, board portals, value monitoring, stock surveillance, market intelligence, video applications, media relations and corporate governance training & tools, all of which are seamlessly delivered through a single point of contact.

What Sets MZ North America Apart

  • We are the only IR firm to provide a true “One-Stop-Shop” solution. Includes:

IR Consulting & Outreach

Dedicated, full-service IR communications with a heavy emphasis on outreach and non-deal road show connections to investors.

SPAC & IPO Advisory

Leading the communications & IR program for IPO's or sponsors and target companies throughout the SPAC business combination

ESGiQ & Advisory

Education, auditing reporting strategic implementation of Environmental, Social, & Governance(ESG) metrics with ESGiQ

Public Relations

Targeted public relations programs to elevate a company’s profile, products and services

Market Intelligence

Stock surveillance at macro and micro levels helping an IRO, CFO and CEO make better investor decisions using MZ iQ.

Technology Solutions

Corporate and IR websites, webcasts, conference call systems, newswires and plug-and-play IR technologies to support your IR program.

    • We are a pioneer in providing full service IR for private and publicly traded companies. Over twenty-three years we have represented over 750 public companies. We have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly and have inherited the skills to assist companies in building their public brand in the US and abroad.
    • MZ has a global footprint with offices located in New York, Connecticut, Tampa, Puerto Rico, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Denver, San Diego, Aliso Viejo, Taipei and São Paulo. This provides clients with both US and global access to investors. Currently, our MZ North America consulting team represents a wide variety of companies across markets caps and sectors.

  • Quality relationships enable us to connect clients with the right investors with our robust, proprietary database of over 140,000 investment professionals. We are able to build sophisticated investor support from individual investors and brokers (retail), family offices, hedge funds and institutions through road shows and conference calls with the capability of generating immediate trading volume and exposure through our Financial Media Platform. We also provide sell-side analyst outreach with the goal of obtaining research coverage and broadening distribution.
  • Our primary account team has a minimum of 100 years of collective industry and Wall Street experience. All senior executives have the ability to provide experienced public market insight and advice.
  • We provide timely and valuable advice and are available 24-7 for both shareholders and management so that we can address key information gaps, resulting in the improvement of a client’s overall message.
  • Every year we provide our clients 10,000+ Direct Investor Calls, 200+ Global Roadshows, attendance at 50+ Conferences and 4,000+ 1×1 Investor Meetings.