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Helping companies turn data into actionable insights.

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MZ is revolutionizing the IR landscape by bringing together big data, machine learning and best-in-breed market intelligence.

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We create a vibrant ecosystem that delivers enhanced capital market information, new avenues for growth and innovation to empower your IR strategy.

IR technology and support like never before.

All the IR tools you need on the most innovative platform.


Institutions & funds with strategy and portfolio


fund manager profiles


Equities trading with ownership, fundamentals, estimates and stock prices

All the tools you want and all insights you need

  • Smart Dashboards
  • IR CRM
  • Targeting
  • Ownership

Understand market dynamics with real-time market data

Combine multiple views of data to get richer insight. Best practices of data visualization are baked right in

Access the latest estimates, fundamentals, stock price and filings


Access the information you need anytime, anywhere

Increase the relationship between your company and stakeholders in a simple and integrated way

Speech and text tool


Target the right investors

Identify investors that are underweight in your stock but have the purchasing power and appetite to acquire more shares.


Analyze your company and peers

Gain access to your current and historical shareholder ownership base

Access investment fund profiles and information to enhance your targeting efforts

Real-time results

Follow your business and the market with instantaneous reporting.

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