A Corporate Chaperone in Your Company’s Corner

Let MZ guide you in the IPO deal process, from start to finish

Comprehensive Advisory & Meticulous Long-Term Planning

MZ believes your company has a right to an internal, non-biased understanding of what happens at every step of IPO planning and why.

Value to Clients

Our value-add is in proactive management of the placement process that can generate tens — or even hundreds of millions — in additional enterprise value.

MZ Works Together with Your Team

We work together with investment banks (the syndicate, research analysts and the distribution/sales teams) to ensure that your company is positioned and marketed correctly to investors.

Pre-IPO Services

  • Assessing IPO Readiness
  • Advice on Syndicate Selection
  • Coordination of Entire Placement Process
  • IPO Marketing Materials
  • Net Roadshow Scripting
  • Investor Targeting
  • Deal Roadshow Feedback & Order Supervision
  • Management Coaching
  • Proactive Investor Relations Strategy
  • Analyst Teach-in Presentations
  • Regulation FD Compliance
  • Industry & Peer Intelligence
  • Assistance with Internal Financial Models, Valuation & Forecasting
  • Exchange Venue Selection
  • Dedicated Market Maker Selection (if appropriate)
  • ESG & CSR Best Practices