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Investor Relations

Market Intelligence

We are the preeminent provider of global capital markets intelligence in both equity and fixed income, covering the U.S., international ordinary and ADR markets. Our shareholder identification and targeting programs provide the underlying research to identify new opportunities, detect capital trends, discover underweight shareholders and allows for more meaningful investor interaction.

Capital Markets Intelligence

  • Is the foundation for a successful IR program
  • Assists the management team in maximizing shareholder value
  • Provides an understanding of Institutional Investor movements and strategies
  • Optimizes management’s time with the ‘right’ audience
  • Identifies desirable investors and measures the effectiveness of targeting techniques

Multi-Asset Class Intelligence

Leveraging our Capital Markets Intelligence infrastructure and extensive experience in Institutional ownership, we provide unparalleled accuracy in identifying corporate bondholders. Understanding who owns your convertible debt or preferred shares in your company is as important as understanding the equity holders. Our multi-asset class intelligence offers companies an insightful view into the complexity of the entire capital structure ownership leading directly to improved efficiency and interaction with the buy-side for Investor Relations and Treasury.

  • Our core competency is built on providing the most accurate and dynamic analysis of your shareholder base
  • Experienced analysts with the most seniority in the industry
  • Proactive, client focused team
  • Most reliable and robust institutional contact network
  • Innovative, tailored solutions
  • Unparalleled knowledge of the institutional community

Capital Markets Program

  • Includes daily analysis of trading activity
  • Weekly overview of your current institutional shareholder list
  • Weekly recap of buy-side and sell-side news
  • Graph analysis of peer and index performance
  • Qualitative analysis of your shareholder activity

Advanced Analytics

  • Technical Analysis
  • Short Interest - Peer Comparison
  • Sell-Side Earnings Summary
  • Options & Derivatives Trading Assessment
  • Volatility Studies
  • CDS Trade Impact Overview

Investor Targeting

Who should invest in your company? And why now? We adjust the investment story for each key investor (correct audience – institutional and/or retail) to attract them to the shareholder base and ensure effective communications, while training senior executives to convey the story and provide feedback on the meetings as well as on any post-meeting buying and selling activity.

Our team helps clients develop a better understanding of and adjust their investment stories (competitive differentials of each business) within the current dynamics of their industries.

Perception Studies

Understanding the financial market‘s perception of a company and its peers is the starting point for a solid IR program. The studies developed by MZ are qualitative and quantitative, and depending on the specific case, can also include the involvement of directors, enabling effective identification of the relative positioning and the corporate objectives to be achieved.

  • Business strategy and competitive advantages (annual IR planning)
  • Earnings disclosure events
  • Succession of directors and executive officers