ESGiQ™ - Interactive ESG Software & Consulting that Simplifies

Designed specifically to customize Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) reporting for private and public companies, as well as ESG focused funds. If you want a pain-free way of recording and reporting your ESG score, test out our user-friendly ESG software.

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Highly Customizable to Fit Your Requirements

ESGiQ™ is the only solution that generates a cross-sectional analysis incorporating ESG protocols, with the flexibility to adopt multiple standards and track historical data.

Rapidly Ascending Attention on ESG

Companies monitoring ESG factors tend to be more vigilant on improving overall corporate governance, while increasing profitability and mitigating risk.

ESGiQ Platform

  • Stunning user interface that reacts to real time inputs
  • Allows easy viewership of overall ESG picture and trends, as well as the most minute subsegment details with the click of a button
  • Makes the reporting process faster and is less cumbersome
  • Adopt any standard (SASB, GRI, TCFD) or create custom metrics that tell your story
  • Promotes efficient teamwork between the company, main stakeholders and staff
  • Insight into specific ESG metrics on financial performance of the company

Consulting to Guide and Implement ESG Reporting, Calculate Carbon Footprint and Develop a Path to Net Zero

Our ESG consulting team empowers you to obtain greater insight into best practices and prepare to track, monitor and properly report material ESG factors to stakeholders, rating agencies and media.

A proprietary framework combines expertise in climate change science, finance, operations and strategy to produce a comprehensive tool to help build a credible plan with complete transparency to achieve net zero.

We also help to accurately determine your current carbon footprint, integrate financial and GHG emissions data to evaluate decarbonization pathways and their financial impact, and align your reporting with various standards.

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