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Investor Relations

About MZ Group

MZ North America is the US division of MZ Group, a multinational company and the world’s largest independent investor relations and corporate communications firm. Founded in 1999, it focuses on innovation and personalized services, supported by its exclusive one‐stop‐shop business model. With offices in New York, Chicago, San Diego, Austin, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Taipei and São Paulo, MZ Group has over 300 professionals serving 530 clients in eleven countries.

Case Studies

We measure our success by our clients' results. Our team works closely with management to establish an effective and targeted shareholder outreach campaign, which includes properly packaging their story, establishing the appropriate expectations, and providing consistent transparency into the business.

Investor Relations

MZ delivers innovative, customized investor relations solutions as a one-stop-solution. This means our clients interact with just one point of contact to provide our full suite of products and services including Investor Relations Consulting & Outreach, iMarketing & Social Media, Market Intelligence and Technology Solutions. Contact us to today to learn more how we can support your investor relations efforts.