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MZ North America is the US division of MZ Group, a multinational company and the world’s largest independent investor relations and corporate communications firm. Founded in 1999, it focuses on innovation and personalized services, supported by its exclusive one‐stop‐shop business model. With offices in New York, Chicago, San Diego, Austin, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Taipei and São Paulo, MZ Group has over 300 professionals serving 530 clients in 11 countries. MZ North America currently serves 25 public companies representing several industries and sectors.

We ensure that our clients are effective communicators who correctly set and manage investor expectation. We act as a premier informational resource for institutional investors, brokers, analysts and private investors, which enables us to help diversify our clients' shareholder base. All clients have access to a comprehensive platform that includes a broad selection of integrated corporate communication services, customized investor relations technologies, board portals, value monitoring, stock surveillance, market intelligence, video applications, media relations and corporate governance training & tools, all of which are seamlessly delivered through a single point of contact.

All MZ team members share a deep understanding of our clients' business, growth strategy and financial position, which enables our firm to become a natural extension of the senior management team and a true value-added partner. Our organization works with top management to better articulate the company’s business strategy, position in the market and fundamentals. This allows each company to attract high quality institutional ownership through proactive introductions while managing all investor inquiries on an ongoing basis.

Our team’s public market experience includes investor relations, banking, brokerage and equity analysis, which allows us to provide our clients with timely analysis on current market perception and valuations as they assess perspective capital raises and acquisitions. Armed with the proper resources, we assist our client companies to successfully navigate the public markets and make the most out of their respective opportunities.

Our advice is based on a rigorous understanding of the U.S. SEC regulations, macroeconomic trends and extensive experience covering multiple industry verticals.

What sets us apart:

  • We are the only IR firm to provide a true “One Stop Shop” solution. Includes: 1) IR Consulting & Investor Outreach 2) Internet Marketing and Social Media Relations 3) Market Intelligence, and 4) Technology solutions.
  • We are a pioneer in providing full service IR for micro and small cap US listed companies. Over the last eighteen years we have represented over 250 public companies. We have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly and have inherited the skills to assist companies in building their public brand in the US and abroad.
  • MZ has a global footprint with offices located in New York, Chicago, San Diego, Austin, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Taipei and São Paulo. This provides clients with both US and global access to investors. Currently, our MZ North America consulting team represents 25 companies with the capacity to serve 40.
  • Quality relationships enable us to connect clients with the right investors with our proprietary databases of over 100,000 investors.  We are able to build sophisticated investor support from individual investors and brokers (retail), family offices, hedge funds and institutions through road shows and conference calls with the capability of generating immediate trading volume and exposure through our iMarketing and Social Media Platform. We also provide sell-side analyst outreach with the goal of obtaining research coverage and broadening distribution.
  • Our primary account team has a minimum of 100 years of collective industry and Wall Street experience. All senior executives with the ability to provide experienced public market insight and advice.
  • We provide timely and valuable advice and are available 24-7 for both shareholders and management so that we can address key information gaps resulting in the improvement of the Company’s overall message.
  • Every year we provide our clients 10,000+ Direct Investor Calls, 200+ Global Roadshows, attendance at 50+ Conferences and 4,000+ 1x1 Investor Meetings.


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