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Investor Relations

Regulatory Compliance: Edgar and XBRL Filings

Your XBRL Partner

The SEC XBRL mandate is fast approaching its third and final year, when all filers will be required to submit XBRL tagged financial statements. If you have filed previously under XBRL and are challenged by the new requirements, or if you are a first-time filer looking to better understand the process, MZ is ready to be your XBRL partner. There is no reason to tackle this on your own!

Quality Assurance

MZ offers a blended skill set of technology and financial know-how. We thoroughly understand the overlap between the accounting and technology skills behind XBRL. MZ is the only XBRL solution provider with a successful record in the art of investor relations. This unique combination guarantees that your XBRL submissions will be in line with the best practices. XBRL is an emerging technology and an evolving process. We make it our business to monitor and understand newly issued SEC XBRL guidance and observations and the SEC EDGAR Filer Manual updates. Our XBRL process takes into account the effects of a new taxonomy version on an XBRL filing and compares taxonomy choices (including the creation of extensions) with those of peers to ensure comparability.

Our team is fully prepared to get the job done, drawing on accounting expertise that is supported by integrated software platforms. We guarantee your filings will meet the latest SEC and XBRL best practices.

Experience Matters

MZ has been successfully filing XBRL documents with the SEC since the voluntary filing program was initiated in 2005. MZ was responsible for 20% of the submissions in the first year and continues to work closely with XBRL International on a variety of XBRL initiatives. All of our XBRL filings have passed the SEC’s validation standards. In addition, our quick turnaround time means that you can submit your XBRL data together with your standard EDGAR filing. Our expertise in investor relations gives us a unique understanding of this requirement as an important part of the disclosure process.