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Investor Relations

IRNavigator™ - Investor Relations CRM System

IRNavigator is an award winning, fully integrated client relationship management (CRM) tool for investor relations. Our system helps you organize and manage your interaction with current and prospective institutional shareholders.

IRNavigator provides a comprehensive targeting solution that helps define new investors and retain and cultivate existing ones all while streamlining the costs of interacting with the greater investment community.

  • Integrated stock surveillance in real-time fueled by expert analysis
  • Global Institutional Ownership
  • News, Quotes, Charts, and more
  • Customized profile pages and easy to generate dossiers
  • 72,000+ contacts from the buy-side and sell-side

Why Choose our targeting solution?
IRNavigator includes an online quantitative targeting solution, combining fundamental, peer and sector-based models to produce a proprietary target grade for institutions and funds.
View how current and prospective shareholders rank combined with the ability to screen by Purchasing Power, Location, Style, Turnover and Assets Under Management.
Gain insight into how grades are compiled. See how our targeting system identifies how a shareholder scores on 14 core fundamental factors, while the IP Grade ranks shareholders by peer, sector and market-cap compatibility.
Accurately identify decision makers at institution and fund levels