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Investor Relations

Conference Calls, Webcasts & Virtual Road Shows

Conference calls and webcasts permit real time conversations between people in different locations, ensuring an ease of communication and efficiency in company meetings and corporate presentations. Companies not only use them to communicate with analysts and investors but our conference call and webcast program is ideal for workshops, presentations of new products and training seminars.

MZ offers a comprehensive and interactive communications service package for the financial market, including conference calls, audio and video pre-recording and editing, webcasts and transcriptions.


Conference Calls

The MZ advantage:

  • The MZ team is involved in every stage of the process, from scheduling and inviting participants, to providing a comprehensive list of attendees
  • Online administrative tool that allows you to view the participants in real time, chat with the operator, and control the question queue
  • A toll-free option – (800 number) for the US and parts of Europe and Asia
  • On-line support during the call



MZ Webcasts

  • Intelligent platform with online survey upon registration (optional)
  • Interactivity tools for participants
  • Slideshow presentation on screen
  • Download center
  • Question to the host
  • Recommend this event tool

Administration area including:

  • Online participation report
  • Management of the questions sent to the host
  • Access statistics
  • Windows Media Player compatible streaming, allows a Windows user to easily attend the webcast without having to download software or plug-ins beforehand
  • Replay available for one year on the same platform without extra cost


Video and Audio

Webcasts are on-line audio and/or video transmissions in real time and may be accompanied by a slide presentation through the exclusive MZ Platform. We offer a range of complementary options, including file downloads, participant polling and the transmission of questions to the speaker, among other interactivity tools.


Transcript Service

MZ offers audio transcription services for conference calls, meetings, interviews and events that follow the conventional format where all of the spoken information is maintained. The final document is a faithful copy of the original speech.


Audio Recording

MZ offers an exclusive service where a speech can be pre-recorded and then replayed at the time of the call. The Q&A is live but the presentation part is recorded. Speakers use this option to rehearse their speech, re-record mistakes, and correct pronunciation.