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Investor Relations

Corporate Communications

Working with account managers and our team of investor relations professionals, we create a customized message which articulates each client’s story in a clear, concise, and consistent format. The message includes: 

  • Management’s strategic vision
  • Key investment attributes
  • Business model and corporate branding
  • Competitive position and barriers to entry
  • Financial performance
  • Growth plans and industry drivers

We implement the story across multiple corporate communication tools with 24/7 service, rapid turnaround and frequent updates based on investor feedback:


Press Releases

  • Quarterly and Year End Earnings
  • Material releases such as acquisitions, new products, new management addition, and key business updates
  • Non-material releases such as conference and earnings announcements


PowerPoint Presentations

  • Corporate and Earnings
  • Roadshows and Conferences
  • Special Events, including Shareholder Meetings


Conference Call Scripts

  • Quarterly Earnings Conference Call and Special Event Scripts


Corporate Two Page Overview

MZ creates a concise two page overview which articulates our client’s investment thesis. This corporate profile includes investment and financial highlights, basic stock information, management bios and other key information. The overview is available on our website for interested investors and is updated monthly.


Other Financial Marketing Materials

  • Invitations for Conference Participation, Analyst Days and Investor Events


Website Audits and Upgrade

An up-to-date, brand centric, aesthetically pleasing, engaging corporate website is a key component of corporate communications.  70% of investors visit a company's website before purchasing the stock.


MZ Branded Investor Tools

With a strong following of both individual and institutional investors, the MZ platform is a conduit for our clients to the U.S. based investment community.

Inclusion in our “MZ Newsletter" which is distributed to over 7,500 investors eight times per year. This proprietary publication includes a macro perspective on key events impacting the investment landscape, with highlights of each client’s overall business, including key accomplishments and milestones. Our Newsletter provides a steady flow of updated corporate and financial information to current shareholders and prospective investors.


Complete Roadshows Logistics and Other Investor Events

  • Conference calls to discuss results and special operations
  • One-on-one and group meetings
  • Site visits
  • Industry seminars
  • Listing on stock exchanges